Informative and exciting e-learning courses

iDoctor has considerable experience with the production of high-quality e-learning courses. Our course offerings are diverse, and naturally all of our products are accredited.

Live and on-demand webinar

Webinars can be produced up to two weeks after a conference has been held. The script is written by one of our medical journalists. If video interviews conducted during the conference are available, then we will use them as a guideline for the webinar. These interviews will be discussed by a panel of KOLs, who apply the information to day-to-day clinical practice. The webinar is then broadcast and recorded live in a professional studio, after which it will be available on demand.

In addition to conference webinars, we also offer stand-alone webinars. The subject of these webinars is determined in consultation with the client, and the webinars themselves are produced and broadcast using the same method as the conference webinars.

Accredited, duration: 1 hour

Round table

The subject for the round table discussion is determined in consultation with the client, and the script for the round table is drafted by one of our medical journalists. In the studio, a panel of experts discusses the topic under the watchful eye of the discussion moderator. Depending on the format chosen, it may also be possible to add video fragments to the production afterwards, in order to use the recording as an e-learning module.

Accredited, duration t.b.d.

From conference to e-learning

For this production, we can record footage of the conference sessions or presentations, but it is also possible to use material provided by a third party. You can choose from the material available, including the original slides, and we will use it to create an e-learning module.

Accredited, duration t.b.d.


In this presentation, a speaker will deal with a single specific subject, based on a script written in consultation between the client and one of our medical journalists. This type of production can also utilise high-quality materials, such as moving MRI images, as well as brief videos and slides.

Accredited, duration t.b.d.



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