Practical offline products

In addition to our wide selection of online content and services, we also offer several offline products. Three popular products are described below, but we can also deliver bespoke solutions upon request.

Toolkit for in-person continuing education

We develop continuing education courses based on e-learning techniques or using concrete input, such as lecturer manuals, participant manuals, and a PowerPoint presentation. To that end, we have a special editorial council consisting of 2 to 3 HCPs, including a medical journalist who is responsible for text editing.

Hand-out or conference report

The subject of the hand-out or report is determined in consultation with the client. We will then send a medical journalist to attend the conference to report on the sessions or press conferences. It is also possible to include transcriptions of video interviews in a hand-out as well (see ‘conference newsletter’). The finished result is a print version and/or an online version of the report.

Thematic magazine

In addition to our own productions, we can also develop magazines that deal with a specific theme upon request. A magazine is based on a single indication area (such as respiratory diseases or rheumatology), with contributions from various specialists in the field. The content is then refined under the leadership of our Editor-in-Chief and a medical editorial board, after which the magazine can be distributed either by the client or via our own channels.


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