Multifaceted video productions

A picture says more than a thousand words, so iDoctor has been producing video productions in a variety of formats since 2005. Since then, we have created more than 800 productions, from conference reports and journals, to round-table discussions, patient information, and documentaries.

Conference newsletter

For this production, Dutch conference attendees were asked to participate in an interview on location prior to the conference. The subjects varied from a presentation or poster, to a session in which the person was involved. When choosing the subjects for the videos, our main consideration is how applicable the topic is to clinical practice in the Netherlands. 

(Bi-)monthly video journal

This video journal deals with no more than 4 subjects, and last around 2 minutes. iDoctor can provide a list of subjects for the client to choose from, or the clients can suggest topics of their own. A medical journalist then researches the topics and writes the content, which is presented by an experienced reader.

Video record

This product records an interview and/or presentation in order to provide in-depth information about a complex issue. For interviews, we talk to KOLs in the Netherlands and abroad about a subject, based on a pre-written script. For presentations, we make a video recording in which a respected speaker deals with a subject from a lecture. We can expand both the interview and the presentation with slides, upon request.

Conference record

During a conference, we can record presentations, sessions, or even entire lectures, which we can supplement with relevant slides upon request. Other video options include highlight reels, alternated with interviews.


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